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Here are Hull Conservatories we have lived and breathed Conservatories and Conservatory related products over the last 25 years. The bi-product of our time within the industry is our extensive knowhow of what does and doesn't work, which UPVC products are the best and worst and also what the difference is from a fancy greenhouse attached to your house to a beautiful, useable extension to your home.

Using our in house design team we use dedicated software that allows us to design your dream conservatory making sure that the necessary wind and snow loading requirements are adhered to so that your conservatory is designed to withstand the test of time.

Please feel free to view some of the various styles we are able to produce. All the styles available cannot be listed here as there are too many variants. However please feel free to be creative and ask us if your ideas are possible in practice.


Thanks to its impressive versatility and its ability to complement most types of property, the Victorian is one of the most frequently seen styles of conservatory. It can be distinguished by its steeply pitched roof and its use of ornate detailing along the roof's centre apex (called the ridge). Typically, Victorian conservatories have 3 or 5 panel facets.


Called either the Georgian or Edwardian, this style of conservatory is similar to the Victorian. The main difference is that they are flat fronted where as the Victorian has an angular front. Representing a perfect marriage of form and function, they also tend to be more understated - making them the ideal choice if you do not wish to detract from the visual impact of the main property.


Few conservatories are more imposing or enjoy a great sense of presence than the Gable. A style that works especially well with older properties, these conservatories have a square floor plan. In addition, and unlike the Georgian/Edwardian or the Victorian, they also have a vertical rather than sloping front roof section, this maximises the feeling of light and space inside.


Lean-to conservatories are usually rectangular with a roof that leans on to the main property (hence their name). They have clean, simple lines giving them a modern, uncomplicated look and making them suitable for a wide range of house styles. In particular, they are the ideal choice for bungalows or other homes where the roof has low eaves. Lean-to conservatories are also known as sunrooms and studio rooms.


Combination and P-shaped conservatories are everything their titles suggest. They offer you more space and greater levels of flexibility by combining two styles - such as the Georgian and the Lean-to - or by adapting an existing style so that it can be used in the shape of a 'P'. Should you find that a P-Shape or Combination still does not provide the unique design solution you are looking for, Conservatec can also create a totally bespoke conservatory tailored to your own specific needs.


Lantern roofs are a majestic and memorable choice for larger conservatories. Not only do they add a feeling of height to the overall structure, but the use of glass rather than polycarbonate increases light levels and gives you an unhindered view of the sky above.

Many Conservatories fitted in the 80`s and 90s and even early 2000 have perfectly fine UPVC windows at the lower structure but the Conservatory Roof may either have leak problems, polycarbonate discolouration, beads falling out or just generally in a poor state of repair. Other common problems with older conservatories are the lack of heat retention and on the flip side in summer can get extremely hot.

As a manufacturer for the last 10 years of the market leading K2 Conservatory Roof System, we are able to literally transform your existing conservatory using dedicated parts that have been years in development. We are able to use heat-reflective 25mm or 35mm polycarbonate such as Heat-Guard or Heat-Guard Opal. Alternatively we specialize in replacement glass roofs using products such as Celsius, Pilkington Active glass, Green and Bronze Anti-Sun and so on.

We are able to convert Lean-to or Sunroom conservatories as they are often known as into a full hipped back Edwardian conservatory providing a much larger air space and a generally more aesthetically pleasing conservatory.

If you have an extension or bay thats in the way of your dream conservatory, don't let that stop you as our various aluminium structural box gutters allow us to build our roofs around just about any situation.

Conservatory Roof Components


Eaves Beam   Gutter

Large Box Gutter

Lean-To Wallplate

Standard Box Gutter

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